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Adrian Ede is a real estate investor and the owner of the "Real Abundance". He started investing in real estate in 2008. 


The “Real” of Real Abundance stands for Real Estate and Real Wealth, but also represents the fact that I am a Real person.
I’m not the “sage on the stage” or a billion dollar company.  I’m just a regular guy with a family, and a full time job, who is committed to a purposeful pursuit of expanding my knowledge in both real estate and reaching my maximum potential as a person.  I have successfully acquired a highly profitable portfolio of properties and I’ve attracted a network of amazing people around me.  I am excited to help other do the same.

The “Abundance” of Real Abundance represents the Financial Freedom that real estate investing can provide, along with the personal Fulfillment of growing a business and Helping Others.  To us, abundance isn’t just a materialistic goal, but rather an internal energy of Love, Gratitude and Happiness.

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