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About Altaray Property Investments 

Altaray Property Investments is your solution for better returns through tangible assets using real estate. If you’re dissatisfied with your current investment returns, allow us to guide you to the results you’re aiming for. Our extensive real estate systems allow you peace of mind and the ability to focus on gaining more from your savings.​

Yes, you can invest in real estate without the hassle and worries of finding the right investment property, maintaining it, and managing tenants.  We ensure every property investment is well maintained for growth and maximum return thanks to our conscientious staff, select team of skilled labourers, and real estate professionals.

Let’s have a conversation to determine our potential fit to work together. Contact us today with your questions and learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals. We are happy to be your long term trusted resource for investing in real estate.

What We Value





Long Term Growth




Cash Flow

Safety and 


About René Masse 

Rene Masse; real estate investor

After the 2008 stock market crash, René was fed up with volatile markets and poor returns on his retirement savings.  In 2009, René acquired training and licensure as a real estate investor and began purchasing investment properties while continuing to operate his business as a contractor.  Over as little as 5 years, his monthly cash flow grew substantially so that he was able to significantly reduce his time spent at work in exchange for time spent with his family.  René has since supported friends and family members in their own real estate investments for similar high, stable returns.

René's background includes more than 20 years of successful entrepreneurship. He has a Bachelor’s of Education from Queen’s University, a license to engage in real estate transactions in Ontario, and an extensive network of expert service providers that includes real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and skilled labourers.  René is fluent in both French and English.

It is rewarding for René to help people more fully develop their investment portfolios for improved security and returns. René further enjoys supporting his community by re-investing funds in the local economy and providing safe, respectable housing for families and students in need.

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