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I offer my coaching clients all the resources I’ve accumulated over the years as an educator, contractor and real estate investor.

After a thorough assessment of your strengths and real estate investing goals, we create an individualized step-by-step plan to  turn your investing dreams into a reality. 

Depending your unique situation, I can help you with:


  1. Finding the money to invest.

  2. Choosing the right market to suit your needs.

  3. Building your teams of experts.

  4. Assisting with analyzing a property.

  5. Making the right offer to get the property.

  6. Deciding on the appropriate strategy to maximize profit.

  7. Hiring and dealing with contractors.

  8. Processes to save time and money screening tenants.

  9. Establishing systems & process to manage the property.

I have extensive knowledge in:

  • Student rentals.

  • Legalized duplex conversion.

  • Contractor relations.

  • RRSP mortgages.

  • Marketing strategies.

  • Motivational and Accountability techniques.

For committed, hardworking investors looking to move to the next level, I offer an elite package of one-on-one sessions to teach you all I know about real estate investing.

Contact me for further details.

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