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Joint Ventures

What Is a Joint Venture?

A joint venture is a business arrangement between two parties who combine their resources and strengths to achieve a particular goal.  

When you co-venture with Rene, you are investing with unique individual with over 20 years as a contractor.  You are also gaining his insights as a realtor in the Kingston market and you will benefit from his skills managing rental units.  Rene has built a network of dedicated professionals who know how to pick the right investment, create value and minimize the challenges of owning a rental property.


Our joint venture partners own the income-producing property, allowing them to benefit directly from the great returns of real estate, but without the hassle of being a landlord. 

How we structure our joint venture agreements:

At Masse Property Investments, we've developed a strong team and find that the best agreements involve passive investors who benefit from our dedicated services.

In our agreements, Investors are always paid first and risks and rewards are shared.  We create win-win partnerships and know that ultimately, we make money only when our partners make money. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our professionals take care of the steps necessary for a successful investment:

  • Locate the ideal investment property

  • Negotiate the purchase

  • Assign the deal to our investor

  • Assist with financing arrangements

  • Renovate the property to optimize future returns

  • Address insurance requirements

  • Personally choose high quality tenants

  • Manage repairs and tenant issues

  • Maintain thorough bookkeeping records

  • Report to our Investors quarterly

  • Execute the exit strategy as planned

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How joint venture works
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