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Harry is an experienced investor in various real-estate projects such as; Buy Fix & Hold, Rent to Own, Student Rentals, Duplex Conversion, Development, and Flips. Harry has also worked with Joint Venture partners (JV) on various deals. Harry’s specialty is to put together a project, so that it is win-win for everyone.
Born in India, Harry earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and furthered his education in Environmental Engineering from the University of Sheffield. Following his education in England, he moved to Canada in the year 2008. Currently, Harry is a Business Development Manager with an Environmental firm. Harry is very passionate about real estate and bought his first property in the year 2009. For Harry maintaining a balance among three aspects of life; Personal, professional and Real Estate Investing, is very important.
Currently, Harry is working on a development project where he severed a piece of land. The raised bungalow on one of the lots is going through Duplex conversion process. It is in the final stages of the renovation. Finally, there will be a duplex on one lot and a free & clear severed lot on the other side. Harry is going to develop the severed piece of land and currently working with the city development officials to build on this lot.
Harry strongly believes that all previous experiences prepare oneself to face future challenges provided lessons learned from those experiences. Harry quotes from Napoleon Hill, “In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity". Combining his international, corporate, and real estate experience, Harry is ready to take stride in the field of real estate development and multi-family investing
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