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Mike Rosehart is a 25 year old early retired, self-made millionaire, with a young family, who unlocked financial independence at the age of 24 through Real Estate investing, hard-work and extreme frugality.

Mike holds the title of Canada's Youngest Self-Made Early Retiree through Frugality. He bought his first property at the age of 19 (in 2012), while still in university studying business finance, and scaled up to build a 15++ property portfolio in 2017 that cash-flowed into the 5-figures/month (net) in London, Ontario, Canada.
He dabbles in real-estate, equities, entrepreneurship, business, and much more. Mike recently founded a real estate investing management firm to help others unlock early retirement through real estate investing. He created this channel to give back with the goal of educating others on all things financial independence (FI), real estate, and managing it all with a young family. Subscribe to follow Mike on his journey to help others unlock financial independence!

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